Argentina: The Banco Central de la República Argentina announced that the 1,000 pesos banknote will be issued in October. (Source Brown Online) 19MAY17


Switzerland: The Swiss National Bank announced that the new 10 francs note will be issued on October 18. (Source Swiss National Bank) 17MAY17


Maldive Islands: The new polymer 5 rufiyaa banknote has been unveiled today. It will be released to circulation in July. (Source VNews,
Courtesy Cleophas Schockem)


Switzerland: The Swiss National Bank unveiled today its new 20 francs note which will be issued on the 17th of May. (Source: NZZ, Courtesy Claudio Marana) 10MAY17


Fiji: Most local banks are rationing the new 7 dollar notes. They are giving only 3 per customer. (Courtesy John Eccles) 09MAY17



: The 10,000 and 25,000 dinars notes dated 2015 are similar to the ones from 2013, except that they have new signatures and the translucent band on the back has diagonal lines instead of being solid. (Courtesy Gabriel A. Leichen) 05MAY17


West African Monetary Union: The Banque Central des États de l’Afrique de l’Ouest has again denied the rumor about a the issue of a 50,000 francs banknote.
(Source: Sene Journal) 04MAY17


Switzerland: The Swiss National Bank will present the new 20 francs note on May 10. It will put it in circulation on the 17th. It will be red and smaller than the current one.

The main motif is “Light” symbolizing Swiss creativity. The new notes are washable, because they are printed with high quality security ink produced by SICPA.

As soon as the new note is issued, a “one way traffic” starts for the old ones, which continue to be legal tender until recalled. (Source: UBS) 04MAY17


Scotland: Scottish banks have started a “one way” traffic for their paper 5 pounds notes. These continue to circulate, banks accept them for deposit normally, but do not pay them out. (Courtesy Gabriel A. Leichen, source: BBC) 04MAY17


Burundi: The Banque de la République du Burundi has decided that withdrawals from Foreign Currency accounts maintained at local banks will be done in local currency at the official rate. As it can be expected the affected clients are furious.
(Source Iwacu) 03MAY17


Madagascar: The webpage has published on April 26 in what it calls an “exclusive” the picture of the 20,000 Ariary note that has been announced for release later this year. 30APR17


England: The Bank of England is accused of “dumbing down” the English language because it has omitted quotation marks in the famous Churchill phrase “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.* (Source: Elle) 30APR17


England: CORRECTION. The legal tender status of the paper 5 pounds note will cease on May 5. (Courtesy Zbinio Source: Bank of England) 30APR17


Russian Federation: The new notes of 200 and 2,000 rubles may be released in October. 27APR17


England: The previous 5 pound note (GBP-BOE_5.5) ceases to be legal tender at the end of the month. These notes will be redeemable at the Bank of England "in eternity." 27APR17


West African Francs: Publications from Togo and Senegal inform that the Banque Centrale des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest will issue soon a new 50,000 francs note, in the program of commemoration of its 52nd Anniversary. It has to be noted that in the past the BCEAO denied similar reports. A credible picture of the note has been published in the past, and is displayed here. (Source Togo Top) 26APR17


Madagascar: Local publications inform that new banknotes will be issued before the end of the year. The new family will include a 20,000 Ariary note.
(Source Moov) 26APR17


Venezuela: The legal tender status of the 100 bolivars note has been again extended for another month. The new date is now May 20. (Source Telesur) 26APR17


Maldives: A spokesperson for the Maldives Monetary Authority confirmed that a polymer 5 rufiyaa note will be presented in May. It is not clear whether it will be available for circulation immediately. Originally the plan was to replace the 5 rufiyaa note with a coin, but public input convinced the Authority to go for the note.
(Source SunFm) 25APR17


Maldives: It is possible that the Maldives Monetary Authority will soon issue polymer 5 rufiyaa banknotes. (Source Gabriel A. Leichen) 24APR17


Ukraine: When Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeriya Hontareva announced recently the imminent release of a banknote of 1,000 hryvnia, she said that the person elected for the note will be “a big surprise.”

It is rumored that it is Stepan Bandera, born in 1909 and assassinated in 1959. During his life he advocated hatred against Jews, Polish and Russians. While he is considered in Ukraine to be a National Hero, others do not see him that way.

Due to political changes in Ukraine, it is possible that this note will never be issued. (Courtesy Dr. Alexander Shishlov) 24APR17


Bosnia-Hercegovina: The Central Bank of Bosnia-Hercegovina will issue notes of 10; 50 and 100 konvertibilni maraka dated 2017. These notes carry the signature of Governor Senad Softi?. The notes are similar to the previous ones, except for the signature and date. (Source Central Bank of Bosnia-Hercegovina) 24APR17


Fiji: The Reserve Bank of Fiji announced on April 20 that it will issue a 7 dollars banknote commemorative of the Rio Olympics Gold Medal won by the Rugby Sevens team from Fiji. This note is in circulation as of today.
(Courtesy Gabriel A. Leichen. Source Twitter) 21APR17


Brazil: The Banco Central do Brasil has ordered the printing of notes of 2; 5 and 10 reais with Crane AB in Sweden. The notes are exactly the same as the current ones, except for having "CRANE AB" instead of "CASA DA MOEDA DO BRASIL" on the back. Those of 2 reais are already in circulation. (Courtesy Claudio Amato) 20APR17


European Union: In December 2016 the European Union has proposed new rules in regard to the Currency Declarations. The changes proposed will require to declare not only actual cash, but also precious metals and cash cards when they have a value equal or larger than EUR10,000. It will also require declaration on the same when they are being mailed or shipped, and will give authority to investigate smaller amounts when there is suspicion of criminal activities. (Source European Commission) 18APR17


Papua New Guinea: This is the picture of the reduced size 5 Kina note to be issued in the near future as soon as the stock of current larger size notes is exhausted.
(Courtesy Stane Straus)


Thailand: The limit for the export of Thai baht to bordering countries has been increased to THB2,000,000. Declaration is still required for amounts over THB 450,000.
The limit for other countries remains at THB 50,000.
(Courtesy Pieter Liem, Canada Currency Centre) 15APR17


Lebanon: The "Western style" serial numbers of the 2014 bill notes are different from those of the 2012 issue. This may indicate that they were printed by a different company. (Courtesy The Coin and Currency Exchange, Mississauga) 12APR17


Sweden: The older 1, 2 and 5-krona coins will cease to be legal tender after 30 June 2017. Swedish commercial banks will redeem them until the end of August 2017. Afterward, these coins may NOT be redeemed by the Sveriges Riksbank.

The older 100 and 500-krona banknotes will cease to be legal tender after 30 June 2017. Swedish commercial banks will redeem them until 30 June 2018. Afterward, the general public can redeem these banknotes by the Sveriges Riksbank.

(Courtesy Åsa Söder Nilsson, Source Sveriges Riksbank) 12APR17


Canada: The Bank of Canada presented today the 10 dollars polymer note commemorative of the 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation. The note will be issued June 7. (Source: Bank of Canada, Courtesy Claudio Marana) 07APR17


India: The Reserve Bank of India plans to issue notes of 200 rupees. The production of the new denomination is expected to start in June. (Source: Livemint) 04APR17


European Monetary Union: The new 50 euros note will be issued tomorrow. 03APR17


Mexico: There are many forgeries of the recent commemorative notes of 100 pesos. The easiest way to recognize them is by checking the watermark in the white part of the note. Authentic notes show the eagle and the value, while the forged ones do not.
(Source: Mientras Tanto en Mexico) 03APR17


Iran: The Governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran declared that the re-denomination, by eliminating one or more zeros, has not yet been approved by Parliament, and if and when it is, it will take at least a couple if years to result in new banknotes. Currently in Iran the public express prices in “tomans” which are equal to 10 rials. Thus a 10,000 rials note is understood to be 1,000 tomans.
(Source: Financial Tribune) 03APR17


Israel: Bank Israel in conducting an active campaign to withdraw the previous notes of 50 and 200 sheqalim, and replace them with the newly issued notes of same denominations. It has invited the public to exchange them at commercial banks, offices of the Postal Bank and it own public windows. (Source: The Jerusalem Post) 03APR17


India: The Government of India plans to change the security features in the denominations of 500 and 2000 rupees every 3-4 years. No less than 11 of the 17 such features have been  have been replicated in forgeries of these notes found recently. (Source: Deccan Chronicle) 03APR17


Russia: There are proposals to limit the export of currency to 15,000 euros. Presently the export of money is unlimited, provided that sums over 10,000 euros or equivalent are declared. (Source: Cash Circulation) 27MAR17


Uzbekistan: The new 10,000 som notes are not yet in active circulation. Probably they will be as soon as the Nawruz Festival is over. (Courtesy Dr Wolfgang Schuster) 26MAR17


Philippines: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas extended the deadline to exchange the old banknotes to June 30. (Source: BSP) 25MAR17


India: Notes of 100 rupees dated 2017 have incorporated marks at the right and left edges to help blind recognize them. (Source: Ebay) 24MAR17


Sao Tomé e Principe: The notes denominated in “novas dobras” will be issued
January 1st, 2018. (Courtesy Banco Central de Sao Tome e Principe) 24MAR17


The Gambia: There are calls to replace the notes with the “tyrant” Jayha Jammeh’s portrait. (Source: Freedom Newspaper) 23MAR17


Poland: Here is the picture of the improved 20 zlotych note issued in February. The new 10 zlotych note will be issued shortly. (Courtesy Claudio Marana) 23MAR17


Poland: Narodowy Bank Polski has issued on 27 February 2017 an improved note of 10 zlotych and on 20 January 2017 another of 20 zlotych. Both are dated 2016, have newer security features, and a transparent layer on front and back intended to extend their life. (Courtesy Narodowy Bank Polski) 22MAR17


Samoa: Persons leaving Samoa with cash in amounts of or over WST or equivalent must obtain prior approval from the Central Bank. To obtain such approval they must present their passport, airline ticket, explanation of origin of funds, and any other information that the bank may require. (Source: Central Bank of Samoa) 21MAR17


Nicaragua: The Banco Central de Nicaragua has issued yesterday the new regular 1,000 córdobas banknote. Source: Banco Central de Nicaragua. 21MAR17


Argentina: The Banco Central de la República Argentina plans to release the new notes of 20 pesos after August, and the ones of 1,000 pesos by year’s end. Courtesy Banco Central de la República Argentina. 21MAR17


Philippines: The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has issued in December 2016 new Foreign Exchange regulations which increase the limit for the import or export of local currency to PHP 50,000. Larger amounts require prior approval.
(Source: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) 20MAR17


Venezuela: Presidente Maduro ordered that the legal tender status of the 100 bolívares notes be extended until April 20. This is the fifth change of final date of validity for these notes. (Source: Prensa Latina) 20MAR17


Democratic Republic of Congo: According to “Congo Synthese” of February 27th, the massive forgeries of Congolese banknotes was the work of a gang that included a Director of the Banque Centrale du Congo by the name of Paluku, who stole the plates and had the notes printed in a country in Asia. In March 3rd “Le Maximum” informs that about 1.2% to 2% of the current high denomination notes are forged.
(Sources: Congo Synthese & Le Maximum) 17MAR17


Burundi: The Banque de la République du Burundi has issued in February banknotes of 100 francs, which seem to be dated 2017 and similar to the previous one except for the new dates and signatures. It also asked the public to deposit or exchange the mutilated notes in their posession. (Source Iwacu) 17MAR17


Democratic Republic of Congo: Deogratia Mutombo Mwana Nyembo, governor of the Banque Centrale du Congo, announced this Monday that new notes in denominations of 500 francs and up will be issued. These notes will have advanced security devices to combat rampant counterfeiting. (Source: JamboRDC) 17MAR17


Somalia: The government announced that the new banknotes will be issued this year. Notes of the older issue will be withdrawn. (Source: Abidjan Plus) 17MAR17


India: The Ministry of Finance of India has announced today that it plans to conduct a test of “plastic” 10 rupees notes in five markets. It has instructed the Reserve Bank to proceed with the procurement of these notes. (Source: Abcaus) 17MAR17


Kyrgyzstan: The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan has issued modified notes of 50 and 100 som dated 2016 of the “Fourth Series” which are very similar to the 2010 ones. It has been reported that many cash accepting devices do not recognize these notes, as well as the other denomination issued recently. (Source: 14MAR17


Tajikistan: Thomas de La Rue is presenting its products to the National Bank of Tajikistan. Presently its banknotes are printed by Giesecke & Devrient.
(Source: News Tajikistan) 14MAR17


United Arab Emirates: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, on Saturday, opened Oumolat Security Printing, the country's first banknote printing company, Oumulat Security Printing. The first note to be printed is that of 1,000 dirhams. 13MAR17


Taiwan: Perng Fai-Nan, governor of the Central Bank of China declared that there is no need to revamp the Taiwanese banknotes. The Bank finds one forged note for each 5,900,000 in circulation, which is between 15 to 45 times better than the average for euros, pounds and U.S. dollars. The cost to make a new family of notes is estimated at 1,500 million U.S. dollars. (Source: Taiwan News) 10MAR17


Democratic Republic of Congo: Merchants are reluctant to accept large denomination banknotes due to the abundance of foregeries of the notes of 5,000; 10,000 and 20,000 francs. (Source: Radio Okapi, Kinshasa) 10MAR17


CFA francs: The possibility of a triumph by Marie LePen in the French elections, and her proposal to exit the European Monetary Union, to which CFA francs are linked, has renewed the discussions in the African countries involved about the advantages and disadvantages of having their economies linked to a fixed currency.
(Source: Sud Quotidien) 10MAR17


Sri Lanka: The 2014 law that mandates the using of Tamil language along with Sinhala in the currency notes has not yet been put in practice by the Central Bank.
(Source Dbsjeyaraj) 07MAR17


Iran: The Central Bank of Iran plans to reduce the size of the banknotes. The new notes of 10,000 rials recently announced, as well as planned new notes of 50,000 and 100,000 rials will be smaller than the current ones. (Source Newslists) 07MAR17


Libya: Money changers near the Tunisian border have indeed heard that a withdrawal of series 6 Libyan notes is (or will be) taking place in eastern Libya, but these series 6 notes are however fully acceptable in Tripoli and western Libya and no withdrawal has been announced so far.

This is strange since both CBL Governors are in touch and have apparently agreed last year to maintain a single Libyan currency in circulation. It would be more sensible to withdraw all previous issues at one time when enough supply of the latest issue is available to the public which seems not to be the case yet, as crowds of customers stand in queues outside Libyan banks every day to withdraw whatever amount they are allowed. (Courtesy Tristan Kolm) 07MAR17


Uzbekistan: The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan will issue on March 10 a new banknote of 10,000 sum (MRI# UZS10,000.1) This note will be the largest denomination, and is equal to approximately to three U.S. dollars, and even less at the informal market. (Source: The Tashkent Times) 06MAR17


Argentina: The new banknotes of 1,000 pesos will be issued in November. The “Roca” 100 pesos banknotes are being actively taken out of the market. The Casa de Moneda acquired a machine capable of destroying up to 10 million notes per day. This notes continue to be in circulation. (Source: Nuevo Diario) 06MAR17


Paraguay: Paraguay: Carlos Fernández Valdovinos, president of the Banco Central del Paraguay, declared that the redenomination of the currency by eliminating three zeros will happen as soon as Congress approves it. The bank has been preparing the public for the change by prominently printing the word “MIL” instead of three zeros on the top left of the front of current notes. When issued, the new notes will have the same design as the current ones. In the four years transition period both the current and new notes will cocirculate. (Source: La Nacion) 03MAR17


Ghana: The Bank of Ghana presented the new note of 5 cedi commemorative of the 60th Anniversary of its creation. The note will be issued on March 7.
(Sources: Bank of Ghana & Peace FM) 03MAR17


Macedonia: In the negotiation to form a new Government, DUI, the party representing the Albanian minority, is demanding that future banknotes should have not only Macedonia but also Albanian text. (Source Independent) 02MAR17


Argentina: There are numerous forgeries of the new 500 pesos notes. These can be easily spotted because they lack the “motion effect” in the security strip, and the jaguar at the top of the front. which should be printed in “Optical variable ink” is instead printed on plain ink, and therefore does not shift colors when tilted. 01MAR17


Papua New Guinea: The Pacific Islands Report in its edition of February 8 informs that a shipment of demonetized paper notes of 100 kina from Papua New Guinea was “diverted” in 2013 when it was shipped to Germany for destruction. There have been several cases in which people tried to use them in Papua New Guinea. It must be stressed that no paper notes are valid in Papua New Guinea. Only polymer notes are valid. (Source: Pacific Island Report) 01MAR17


Hungary: The new notes of 2,000 and 5,000 forint were issued today to circulation. The older ones will remain legal tender until the end of July, and will be exchangeable afterwards for 20 years. (Source Funzine) 01MAR17


Venezuela: The Casa de la Moneda de Venezuela delivered to the Banco Central de Venezuela 4,500,000 notes of 2000 bolívares. The printing of this denomination completes the new family. (Source El Impulso) 01MAR17


Congo: Merchants are troubled by the abundance of counterfeit notes of 5,000; 10,000 and 20,000 francs. (Source: Media Congo) 01MAR17


China: The Chinese Government is designing its marketing plan to the Olympic Games in 2022. This plan foresees the issue on commemorative stamps, coins and banknotes. (Source: Beijing International) 01MAR17


Burundi: The Banque de la République du Burundi announced on February 10 that it has received a stock of 100 francs notes to replace unfit ones. It is not clear whether it is a different note, or a new date of the current one. It also announced that this denomination will be eventually replaced by coins.
(Source: Banque de la Repbublique du Burundy)


Bhutan: Here are the pictures of both sides of the 100 ngultrum commemorative note to be issued later this year. (Source: Royal Monetary Authority) 28FEB17


Russia: Here is another photograph of the new 2000 rubles note as published by HelpSet. 28FEB17


Russia: This seems to be the photo of the 200 rubles note to be issued soon.
(Source: 28FEB17


Russia: The new 200 rubles note will be printed on "new technology" substrate designed to make it more durable. This picture may be of one of the several designs presented in a contest. (Source: Get Russia) 28FEB17


Iran: Anew 10,000 rials note will be issued in June 2017.
(Source: CBI, Courtesy Hamid Kazemi)


Argentina: The Banco Central de la República Argentina is no longer accepting cash deposits from commercial banks. Instead it has created a "market" in which banks sell to other banks their cash excess at par, premium, or discount. In the round that took place at the beginning of the month the notes of 500 pesos were traded at a premium of 1% and those of 100 pesos at a 1% discount. (Source Ambito) 27FEB17


Russia: Arkady Trachuk, head of Goznak declared that the new 200 rubles notes will be put into circulation soon. These notes will be printed using new technologies. The note will show the monument to the Scuttled ships in Sevastopol.
(Source True News)


Libya: The Central Bank of Libya in Al Bayda, in the Eastern part of Libya, has withdrawn from circulation the Series 6 notes. These ceased to be legal tender, and can be exchanged at banks until June 17. It is not clear whether this rule is valid for the Western branch in Tripoli. (Courtesy Fawzi Alali) 27FEB17


Afghanistan: Da Afghanistan Bank is on a campaign to collect damaged notes
before March 21st. According to an article in Wadsam published on February
14, after March 21st the following features seen in a banknote will make it

Presence of a sticky material on the banknote

Any writing or drawing on the banknote

Any stamp on the banknote

Poorly folded, wrinkled banknote.

It seems that the short time allowed will not be sufficient, and may be extended.
(Source Wadsam)



Zimbabwe: This is the picture of the new $5 bond note recently issued.
(Courtesy Gabriel Numismatic Market, LLC) 24FEB17


Seychelles: The Central Bank of the Seychelles announced that it will withdraw from circulation the notes of 100 and 500 rupees of the previous issues. These notes can be used or exchanged at commercial banks until 29 June 2017. After that date these may be exchanged only at the offices of the Central Bank.
(Source Seychelles News Agency) 23FEB17


Venezuela: José Khan, director of the Banco Central de Venezuela, announced that a shipment of 1,000 bolívares notes has arrived, for release in the next days. It remains to be seen whether the denomination of 2,000 bolívares will be issued.
(Source Globovision) 23FEB17


Uzbekistan: Here is a partial picture of the new 10,000 sum note to be issued soon. (Source Nutmegcollector & Claudio Marana) 22FEB17


Uzbekistan: Sources at the Central Bank announced that a new 10,000 sum note will be issued soon. (Source The Tashkent Times) 21FEB17


Papua New Guinea: The Bank of Papua New Guinea has issued a smaller 5 kina note on January 23, 2017.
(Source: Bank of Papua New Guinea, Courtesy Thomas Krause & Claudio Marana) 20FEB17


Venezuela: The Government has extended the legal tender status of the 100 bolivares notes for the fourth time. These are now valid until March 20.
(Source El Nacional) 19FEB17


Zimbabwe: A government friendly paper announced that bond notes of 10 and 20
dollars will be soon be issued. Technically these "bond notes" are not currency, but financial instruments backed by a credit facility. Even though these notes are supposed to be fully backed, at present they are traded at a small discount.
(Source News24)


Zimbabwe: Bond Notes are redeemable for any other currency within the multi-currency system. In this regard, one can redeem the Bond notes for USD, ZAR, Euro, Yen, Australian dollar, Yuan, Pula and Rupee at any bank or any Easylink Branch of Homelink. This effectively means the public has a choice of either keeping or transacting in the Bond notes or converting them to other currencies when the need arises.
(Source Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) 17FEB17


Azerbaijan: A 100 manat note dated 2013 has been issued recently, with the bank name changed to "Azerbaijan Merkez Banki." We can expect that as current stocks are exhausted, the newer notes of 10; 20 and 50 manat will also show the new bank name. (Source 17FEB17


Australia: The Reserve Bank of Australia has made public the design of the new 10 dollars note which will be released on September 1st, 2017.
(Source: Lifehacker Courtesy Cleophas Schockem & Thomas Krause) 17FEB17


India: Hundreds of fake notes of 2000 Indian rupees were seized. The forgeries have their origin in Pakistan. It was reported that 11 of the 17 security devices have been successfully reproduced. (Source Scroll) 16FEB17


México: Banco de México plans issue improved notes in 2018. 15FEB17


Russia: The note commemorative of the 2018 World Cup will be printed on polymer substrate. It is also possible that one of the new notes of 200 and 2000 rubles will also be printed on polymer. (Source: TASS, Courtesy Thomas Krause) 15FEB17


England: Bnak of England confirms that the new £10 notes will contain animal fat. (Source: Mirror) 15FEB17


Zimbabwe: The reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has issued on February 2 three million bond notes of 5 dollars. According with local reports the bond notes are being traded at 5-10% discount against U.S. dollars.
(Sources: Bulawayo 24, Zimbabwe Situation, TechZim) 14FEB17


Somalia: Bashir Eise Ali, Central Bank director, has announced that new notes will be issued. (Source: Sahal News) 13FEB17


Tunisia: The Administration Council of the Banque Centrale de Tunisie has decided in its meeting of February 1st to issue a new note of 20 dinars.
(Source: Al Huffington Post) 10FEB17


Bhutan: A new note of 100 ngultrum printed in Switzerland will be issued possibly in September to commemorate the First Birthday of the Crown Prince. Other three notes are planned over the years to commemorate other events in the life of the Prince.
(Source Kuensel) 07FEB17


Poland: The new 500 zlotych banknote will enter circulation on February 10.
(Source Poland Radio) 07FEB17


Mexico: Banco de Mexico has unveiled the new 100 pesos note commemorative of
the Centennial of the Constitution to be issued tomorrow.
(Source Banco de Mexico, Courtesy Nicolas Quentin) 06FEB17


Uruguay: These are the new notes issued last week. The 20 pesos is of the Serie G and the 50 pesos uruguayos is of the Serie F. Both were printed by Oberthur Fiduciarie. (Courtersy Waldemar Alvarez) 06FEB17

Norway: The new 100 and 200 kroner notes will be released on May 30.
(Courtresy Jan-Erik Kleven) 06FEB17


Haiti: The polymer 10 gourdes notes that are found in circulation were issued in error. It seems that a couple of boxes were issued by mistake, as the official release has not yet been authorized. (Courtesy James Pickering) 04FEB17


Egypt: The Central Bank of Egypt has issued an improved note of 50 piastres (=0.50 pound.) The new note has a "see through" design in the bottom of the left of front, which matches the same on the bottom of the rigth of back. 03FEB17


Uruguay: The Banco Central del Uruguay issued yesterday improved notes of 20 and 50 pesos uruguayos. Both are of the Series F 2015. The security devices are similar in both denominations. (Source: Banco Central del Uruguay) 02FEB17


Russia: Bank Rossiya has approved the designs of the new notes of 200 rubles which will show motifs of Sevastopol, and the 2,000 rubles with images of the Far East. (Souirce: 01FEB17


Israel: Bank Israel made public the design of the new notes of 20 and 100 new shekels to be issued in the near future.
(Source: Bank of Israel, Courtesy, Cleophas Schockem)


Venezuela: President Maduro announced yesterday that the new 5,000 and 10,000 bolívares notes will be start circulating today. (Source Frontera) 30JAN17


Armenia: Armenian Police informed the public that counterfeit 10,000 drams notes are being found in circulation. The forgeries are made with color copiers, with the security strip lifted from real 1,000 drams notes. (Source Armenpress) 27JAN17


Ghana: Bank of Ghana denied social media rumors about the issue of 30; 100 and 200 cedis notes. It also confirmed that the 5 cedis notes to be issued soon will commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the bank. (Source Daily Guide Africa) 26JAN17


Mexico: Banco de Mexico will issue a 100 pesos note commemorative of the Centennial of the Constitution. It will be released on February 7 and unconfirmed reports indicate that it will be a limited issue of 1,000,000 notes.

Additional details will be made public soon in an official presentation.
(Courtesy Gabriel Numismatic Market, LLC) 25JAN17


Argentina: The Sociedad de Estado Casa de Moneda is working on the production of the new 20 pesos notes. (Courtesy Gabriel A. Leichen) 24JAN17


Gibraltar: The Government of Gibraltar announced today the release to collectors of the Polymer 100 pounds note commemorative of the Centennial of the Birth of Sir Joshua Hassan, first Chief Minister of Gibraltar. 23JAN17


Nepal: It has been reported that Nepal Rastra Bank has received a shipment of new 1,000 rupees notes printed in China. It is unknown whether these are different in any way from the current ones. (Source Business Standard) 23JAN17


Solomon Islands: The Central Bank of the Solomon Islands has issued a new 20
dollars note, the third denomination of the new family. (Source DeLaRue) 23JAN17


Venezuela: According to local newspapers the first 10,000 bolivares notes have arrived to Venezuela. (Source: El Nacional) 19JAN17


Ghana: Bank of Ghana will present in March an improved note of 5 cedis.
(Source StarrFM) 19JAN17


Gibraltar: The polymer 100 pounds note commemorative of the Centennial of the Birth of Gibraltar’s First Chief Minister, Sir Joshua Hassan, will probably be released to circulation next week.
(Courtesy Numismatic Section, Treasury, Government of Gibraltar) 17JAN17


Venezuela: The new notes are finally in circulation. The legal tender status of the 100 bolivares notes has been further extended until February 20.
(Source: Globo Vision) 16JAN17


Guatemala: Banco de Guatemala will issue on Monday an improved note of 20 quetzales, which has a scroll at right of front printed on Optical Variable Ink.
(Source : Siglo21, Courtesy Cleophas Schockem) 14JAN17


Bahrain: The Central Bank of Bahrain is revamping all the denominations with the addition of blind friendly marks on the 1/2; 1 and 5 dinars banknotes, which will be issued very soon. (Source: GDN Online) 12JAN17


Bangladesh: The color of the 2016 dated 5 taka notes has been changed from brown to purple. The name of the bank in the front and back is written in Bengali and other details has been changed. (Source Ebay, courtesy Claudio Marana) 10JAN17


Venezuela: President Nicolás Maduro has announced that the new notes will start circulating on January 16. He also said that 60 million notes of 500 bolívares, 4.5 million notes of 5,000 bolívares and 2.9 million notes of 20,000 bolívares have been received from the printers. (Source: El Universal) 10JAN17


Uruguay: Here is the picture of an acutal circulating note of the new 200 pesos version issued on the 29 of December. (Courtesy Waldemar Alvarez, Gales Servicios Financieros) 06JAN17


Indonesia: Moslem groups are unhappy about the new notes because some show women without a veil. They also complain that several of the men selected for the new series are not Moslem. (Source Hoholok) 04JAN17


India: The Reserve Bank of India extended the time for NRI (Non resident Indians) to redeem the withdrawn 500 and 1000 rupees notes until 30 June 2017.
(Source: The Economic Times) 01JAN17


Uruguay: The Banco Central del Uruguay issued on December 29 an improved note of 200 pesos uruguayos dated 2015. The new notes are of the Series F and dated 2015. They have a new OVI seal and blind friendly marks on both sides. These notes were printed by Casa de Moneda, Chile. (Source: Banco Central del Uruguay) 01JAN17


Venezuela: President Nicolás Maduro said that in January he will announce the exact date in which the new banknotes will be issued. Several planes have already arrived, presumably with supplies of the new 500; 5,000 and 20,000 bolívares.
(Source: La Patilla) 30DEC16


Venezuela: The validity of the 100 bolivares notes has been extended until January 20, 2017. It's quite possible that it will be further extended. The new 500 bolivares notes are not yet in circulation as of today. 29DEC16


The Philippines: The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has decided today to extend the time to exchange the old series of notes to March 31, 2017. The original date was December 31, 2016. (Source: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) 28DEC16


Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has started distributing the new banknotes and coins. Individuals can obtain up to SAR3,125 in a mixture of coins and notes. The new notes are not yet available in ATM's, and salaries will be paid in old style notes. (Source: Saudi Gazette) 28DEC16


Paraguay: The Banco Central del Paraguay has released yesterday new improved versions of the banknotes of 20,000; 50,000 and 100,000 guaraníes. The characteristics are: 100,000 2015 serie I (printed by Oberthur Technologies) with color shifting segmented security thread, with value repeated. 50,000 2015 serie I (printed by Oberthur Technologies) with color shifting segmented security thread, with value repeated. 20,000 2015 serie G (printed by Casa de Moneda Chile) with double line segmented security thread. There is also a 2016 5,000 guaraníes printed on polymer, which is similar to the one dated 2011. Both were printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company.
(Courtesy Miguel Pratt, Numismatica Independencia, Banco Central del Paraguay, Cleophas Schockem)


Uganda: A multi-billion currency printing deal to a German firm has put President Museveni, Finance minister Matia Kasaija and other senior government officials against Central Bank Governor, Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile. The governor of Bank of Uganda opposes printing the notes in Uganda, because he sees inherent dangers in the scheme. (Source 4-Traders) 23DEC16


Russia: Bank Rossiya is planning to issue a 100 rubles banknote commemorative of the 2018 Football World Cup. The note will be printed on a plastic substrate. There are six designs, of which one will be eventually selected.
(Source Goznak, courtesy Cleophas Schockem) 23DEC16


Ukraine: The National Bank of Ukraine will most likely issue a note of 1,000 hryvnia in 2017. (Source Ukranian Hot News, courtesy Cleophas Schockem) 23DEC16


Rep. of Korea: Bank of Korea plans to issue a 2000 won note commemorative of the 2018 Winter Olypmpic Games that will take place in PyeongChang. The design of the note has been criticized as being amateurish. (Source Korea Times) 22DEC16


Bahrain: The Central Bank of Bahrain has recently issued modified notes of 10 and 20 dinars. The changes include improved seals in the left of front and blind friendly marks at right, and "Motion" wide security segmented thread on back.
(Source Banknoteworld & emiro50) 21DEC16


Nepal: Nepal Rastra Bank has released to circulation modified notes of 20 rupees. The new notes, dated 2016, have two deers at back. (Courtesy Claudio Marana) 20DEC16


Perú: The Banco Central de Reservas del Perú has started releasing in late November the improved notes dated 2012. The main difference in the front is the value printed in ”SPARK” ink.
(Courtesy María Antonieta Avila)


Zimbabwe: Here is a picture of the new Zimbabwe bond note. 20DEC16


Indonesia: Here are good pictures of the new Indonesian banknotes issued yesterday.
(Source Bank Indonesia) 20DEC16


Pakistan: Senate passed a resolution recommending the withdrawal of the 5,000 rupees banknotes. It proposes a gradual withdrawal of the notes over three to five years, with the purpose of encouraging people to use bank accounts.
(Courtesy Pieter Lim, Canada Currency Centre. Source The Indian Express)


Iran: There are new limits for the import/export of currency by travelers. Amounts of or over USD10,000 must be declared. (Courtesy Central Bank of Iran) 19DEC16


Bosnia Hercegovina: The notice published on December 2 about the end of the exchange of the notes 0.50; 1 and 5 konvertibilnih maraka was in error. These notes will cease to be redeemed on December 31, 2017. We regret the error. 19DEC16


Malawi: The Reserve Bank of Malawi Governor Charles Chuka on Friday said that Malawians should expect new bank note soon. He may be referring to a 5,000 kwacha note. (Courtesy Nyika Daily News) 19DEC16


Malaysia: Bank Negara Malaysia has refuted rumors about the issued next year of a new series of banknotes. (Courtesy The Star) 19DEC16


Venezuela: A shipment of 272 crates, each with 50,000 notes of new 500 bolívares Fuertes notes has arrived to Caracas on Sunday. The Government blames the delay on the United States Treasury. (Courtesy DW) 19DEC16


Indonesia: The new family of notes has been issued today.
Courtesy (Tempo, Pojok Network, Peter Liem and Cleophas Schockem) 19DEC16


Guinea-Conakry: The time limit for the exchange of all older 5,000 francs notes issued from 1985 to 2012 has been extended until the end of March 2017.
(Courtesy GCI) 19DEC16


Argentina: The Banco Central de la República Argentina made public the intended design of the notes that will complete the new family of notes. It is understood the the definite design may be slightly different.
(Courtesy Cleophas Schockem and Minuto Uno) 19DEC16


Australia: The Government has created a taskforce to study the cash economy. One of the issues it will consider is the role of the 100 dollars bill, and its possible recall. (Courtesy Radio Australia) 19DEC16


Venezuela: The legal tender status of the 100 bolívares Fuertes notes has been extended until January 2, 2017. President Maduro blames the delay in receiving the new banknotes on "international sabotage." Borders with Brazil and Colombia remain closed. (Courtesy Antje Bird and TeleSur) 18DEC16


Venezuela: The Banco Central de Venezuela has not yet issued any of the new notes announced for yesterday release. Apparently they are writing new rules about cash import and export, before they release the notes. The Bank is issuing the new coins, which present less risk of being smuggled out. A “futures” market is being created in the social media, where there are takers of the large 20,000 bolívares, when issued, at a premium. Presumable the takers plan to use them for deals in Colombian or Brazilian border towns. 16DEC16


Venezuela: The time to exchange the demonetized 100 bolívares fuertes notes has been shortened to 5 days, and ends on December 20. The exchange may be made also at private banks. (Courtesy Sumarium) 16DEC16


Vietnam: Police arrested a person spreading fake news on social media about the replacement of banknotes in Vietnam. He claimed that the new notes were being printed in China, and also recommended that people withdraw their money from banks, and exchange it for gold and foreign currency. (Courtesy Vietnam News) 16DEC16


Switzerland: The Swiss National Bank announced that the new 20 francs note will be issued on 17 May 2017, with the 10 francs note following later.
(Courtesy Agefi and Cleophas Schockem) 15DEC16


Tajikistan: The National Bank is considering the use of President Emomali Rahmon's portrait on a proposed new 1,000-somoni banknote, which would be worth about $127. (Courtesy RFERL) 15DEC16


Saudi Arabia: The new family of banknotes will circulate from December 26.
(Courtesy Arab News) 15DEC16


Indonesia: Bank Indonesia will start issuing notes of the new family on Monday December 19. The new notes have improved security devices.
(Courtesy Jakarta Globe) 15DEC16


Macedonia: The National Bank of Macedonia released today the new banknotes of 200 and 2,000 dinara. The designs show small differences with respect to the "concept" notes that were previously published.
(Courtesy National Bank of Macedonia and Cleophas Schockem)


Venezuela: As of 11am local time, the new banknotes have not yet arrived to the Central Bank. It is unknown which denominations will arrive. 15DEC16


Venezuela: It is unclear which is the actual last day to exchange the 100 bolivares notes at the Central Bank. The "Aviso oficial" of the Central Bank specifies December 25, 2016. The "Gaceta Oficial Extraordinaria"of December 11 gave December 24 as the last day; while the president of the Central Bank declared that the last day is the 29th. 15DEC16


Venezuela: The Banco Central de Venezuela set limits for the import and export of local currency. The new limits are 306 "Unidades Tributarias" (VEF54,162) for people entering or leaving by air, and 200 UT's (VEF35,400) for land crossing.
(Courtesy El Universal) 15DEC16


Venezuela: Nelson Merentes, President of the Banco Central de Venezuela announced today that new rules for the export of National Currency are being prepared to prevent the export of large amounts of local coins and banknotes. (Courtesy Telesur) 14DEC16


Venezuela: We have been informed by private sources that the exchange of the 100 bolívares fuertes, which are being withdrawn from circulation, is going on in a relatively orderly way. In the previous weeks the pension payments have been made with smaller notes, probably in anticipation of this measure. Therefore low income people have very few, if any “large bills” left to exchange. Today there were long lines at the banks, which moved relatively fast because most of the notes being retired are being deposited to bank accounts or paid by cash cards. Few people demand smaller notes in exchange. 13DEC16


Venezuela: The Banco Central de Venezuela confirmed by an official announcement that the exchange of notes of 100 bolívares fuertes may be made at any bank from today until Thursday 15. From December 16 until the 29th the exchange can be made at the designated windows of the Central Bank. (Courtesy Caraota Digital) 13DEC16


Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Ara M A has presented a video with the pictures of the new notes and coins which are dated 2016.
(Courtesy Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority and Antje Bird) 13DEC16


Saudi Arabia: An article in QBS News presents photos of the new Saudi notes
to be presented tomorrow. (Courtesy QBS News and Dr. Wolfgang Schuster) 12DEC16


Venezuela: The Government of Venezuela clarified the terms of the
demonetization of the 100 bolívares notes:

1. Today is a Bank Holiday, therefore there are no operations.

2. The deposit of these notes to bank accounts can be done only from
opening of business of 13 December till close of 15 December.

3. The exchange for other notes or coins can be done only at
government banks during the same dates.

4. Afterward these notes mayo only exchanged until December 24 at
the offices of the Central Bank in Caracas and Maracaibo.
(Courtesy Efecto Cocuyo) 12DEC16


Malawi: The Minister for Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall
Gondwe is considering doing an Indian-style change of currency, to flush out the cash stashed away by corrupt officials. (Courtesy The Nation) 12DEC16


Iran: The Governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran declared that the switch from rials to tomans will be smooth. Notes in both currencies will coexist. (Courtesy Financial Tribune) 12DEC16


Saudi Arabia: King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud was presented with a set of the new coins and notes to be made pubic tomorrow. (Courtesy GDN online) 12DEC16


India: There are rumors in the social media about the use of the radioactive isotope P32 in the ink of the 2,000 rupees notes. This would allow the authorities to detect places, other than banks, where large accumulations of these notes are present. Likely, these rumors are false. (Courtesy India Today) 12DEC16


Venezuela: In a surprise and inexplicable move, Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, ordered the withdrawal from circulation of the 100 bolívares banknotes (worth about 2 to 3 U.S. cents ,) which will cease to be legal tender in three days, and will lose all value by December 24. This will give two weeks to exchange billions of notes. If that would not be enough, the exchange will be made only at Government banks and at the Central Bank. Airports and borders will be closed to prevent the reimportation of notes held outside of Venezuela. Obviously the public banking system will not possibly be able to cope with the process. (Courtesy Reuters and Antje Bird) 12DEC16


Iran: Due to the recently approved law to adopt the toman as the new monetary unit of Iran, it is quite possible that in 2017 there will be new notes expressed in that country. Each toman will be equal to 10 rials. (Courtesy Financial Tribune) 11DEC16


Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority will present on Tuesday a new family of coins and currency. (Courtesy Asharq Al-Awsat and Cleophas Schockem and Dr Wolfgang Schuster) 11DEC16


Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency changed its name to Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority effective December 4, 2016. (Courtesy Arab News) 09DEC16


Colombia: The Banco de la Republica has issued on December 7 the new note of 10,000 pesos which honors anthropologist Virginia Gutiérrez. This denomination completes the new family of Colombian notes. 09DEC16


India: The Government has informed Parliament that the process to start to issue plastic or polymer 10 rupees notes has been initiated.
(Courtesy NDTV and Shibu Paul) 09DEC16


Iran: The Government plans to re-denominate the currency. The proposed new unit will be the "toman" equal to 10 current rials. While the rial has been the official monetary unit, in practice everybody already deals in tomans. This measure will only make official what is already happening in the marketplace. (Courtesy Financial Tribune) 08DEC16


Canada: The Bank of Canada has chosen Viola Desmond, a civil rights pioneer, as the first non Royal female to appear in the next 10 dollars note.
(Courtesy Global News)


Venezuela: The Banco Central de Venezuela made public the design of the new banknotes to be issued from December 15th. The first denomination to be issued will be the 500 bolivares fuertes, followed by the 5000's and the 20,000's. Other denominations will follow later.
(Courtesy El Universal, Dr Wolfgang Schuster and Cleophas Schockem) 07DEC16


India: The Reserve Bank of India has announced that it will issue notes of 100 rupees with minor modifications with respect to the current ones.
(Courtesy Narada News) 07DEC16


Kyrgyzstan: The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan will issue modified notes dated 2016, which include advanced security devices and improved designs.

The new notes, which will be known as the Fourth Series, are to be issued in January 1st, 2017 in the denominations of 200; 500 and 1,000 soms, and were printed by De La Rue. The denominations of 20; 50; 100 and 5,000 soms are printed by Oberthur Technologies and will be issued later on. Banknotes of the previous issues will be gradually taken out of circulation. (Courtesy News Agency 24, Kabar and Cleophas Schockem) 06DEC16


Seychelles: The Central Bank of the Seychelles will issue today its new banknotes printed by De la Rue. These notes have very advanced security features.
(Courtesy DelaRue) 05DEC16


Venezuela: The Banco Central de Venezuela announced officially in a communiqué dated December 4 that it will issue, beginning December 15, new notes of 20,000; 10,000; 5,000; 2,000; 1,000 and 500 bolívares Fuertes, as well as coins of 50; 20 and 10 bolívares Fuertes. (Courtesy Banco Central de Venezuela) 05DEC16


India: There is an image that went viral in the Indian social media that purports to be that of the not yet issued new note of 1,000 rupees. (Note of the editor: There are reasons to suspect that it may be a doctored photo of the new 2,000 rupees note.)
(Courtesy 03DEC16


Republic of Korea: Bank of Korea wants to convert to a coinless economy by 2020. The plan is to have convenience stores return small change by way of cash cards, or credit to the customer bank or credit card account. (Courtesy ZDnet) 03DEC16


Bosnia Hercegovina: The notes of 0.50; 1 and 5 convertible marks will cease to be redeemable by December 31st. (Courtesy Guy Turner & Gabriel A. Leichen) 02DEC16


Venezuela: According to Representative Ricardo Sanguino the Banco Central de Venezuela has already ordered the printing of 500 bolívares notes, which will arrive and will be issued this month. (Courtesy Globovision) 02DEC16


Polymer notes: As a consequence of the objection of the English people to the use of animal fat in the composition of the polymer notes, people in other countries using the same kind of substrate, most notably Canada and New Zealand, are asking their Central Banks to stop doing so. 01DEC16


England: Innovia, the polymer supplier for the Bank of England 5 pounds notes, is working on producing a substrate that does not have animal fat in it. There was a petition signed by more than 100,000 people to stop using animal fat in the polymer notes. (Courtesy Bloomberg) 01DEC16


England: One of the ingredients in polymer used for the new Bank of England 5 pounds notes is tallow, an animal fat. This greatly upsets vegetarians whether by choice or because of religious beliefs. (Courtesy EBL News) 30NOV16


Colombia: The Banco de la República issued today its new note of 2,000 pesos, which honors artist Débora Arango, with the “Five colors river” the Caño Cristales in the La Macarena hills. The 10,000 pesos note will be released on December 7th.
(Courtesy Banco de la Republica) 29NOV16


India: The Reserve Bank of India admits that there are variances in different batches of the new 500 rupees notes, which are due to the rush in producing them.
(Courtesy Huffington Post) 29NOV16


Egypt: An interesting article published by Madamasr mentioned by "Counting on currency" deals with projected designs for new Egyptian notes.
(Courtesy Mada) 29NOV16


Zimbabwe: Here is a picture of the new 2 dollar bill already in circulation.
(Courtesy Claudio Marana)


Bhutan: The Royal Monetary Authority has announced on September 22 the issue of a 1,000 ngultrum note commemorative of the Birth of the Gyalsey, meaning the birth of the Prince of Bhutan. The RMA has ordered 3,240,000 notes, which were printed by Giesecke and Devrient.
(Courtesy Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan & Claudio Marana) 28NOV16


Barbados: The Central Bank of Barbados has issued on November 21st a 50 dollars banknote commemorative of the 50th Anniversary of Independence.
(Courtesy Central Bank of Barbados) 28NOV16


Panama: Travelers leaving Panama with more than USD10,000 or equivalent in other currencies must declare them to Customs. Before August it was only required to declare large amounts on arrival, but now it must also be declared on departure.
(Courtesy 27NOV16


Zimbabwe: The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announced that 2 and 5 dollars bond notes and 1 bond dollar coins will be released tomorrow Monday 28. The notes were reported to have arrived to Zimbabwe yesterday aboard an Ukrainian airplane. The opposition political parties are against the bond notes, which according to some are illegal.

The government wants people to use bank and credit card accounts, and has limited the withdrawals of the new notes to $50 per day and no more than $150 per week. Defacing the notes is punished by up to seven years prison.

The 2 dollars notes is green, with the Balancing Rocks on front with the Independence Flame on the back, and the $5 are purple, also with the Balancing Rocks on front and wildlife on back.

The initial issue will amount to 10 million dollars. The total amount of coins and notes to be issued is 200 million dollars, which are backed by a AfrexinBank facility. Bond notes can be deposited to existing bank “Multicurrency accounts.”
(Courtesy TechZim and Cleophas Schockem) 27NOV16


Bahrain: The import or export of currency, local or foreign, in amounts of EUR10,000 or more, or its equivalent must be declared. (Courtesy Bahrain Customs) 26NOV16


Namibia: The limits for the import/export declaration of currency have been raised to NAD100,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency as of Oct. 1, 2016.
(Courtesy Bank of Namibia) 26NOV16


Nepal: Nepal Rastra Bank has declared the new Indian notes of 500 and 2,000 rupees “illegal” in Nepal. From last year the prohibition of importing large notes by Nepalese and Indian residents into Nepal was lifted under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA.) Now that these notes have been replaced by the new ones of 500 and 2,000 rupees, the Nepalese Central Bank deems that the new notes, not being mentioned in FEMA, are illegal. (Courtesy Times of India and Gabriel Leichen) 26NOV16


Liberia: The Government of Liberia has established the requirement of declaration for the import or export of USD10,000 or more or its equivalent in local or other foreign currencies. (Courtesy The Liberia Official Gazette) 26NOV16


Bangladesh: The amount of local currency that a visitor can bring in has been increased from BDT500 to BDT5,000. (Courtesy Bangladesh Customs) 26NOV16


Afghanistan: The import and export of amounts over USD10,000 or its equivalent in foreign cash, precious metals, gems and bearer negotiable instruments must be declared. The export of amounts exceeding USD20,000 is prohibited.
(Courtesy FinTRACA) 26NOV16


Angola: The limits for the requirement of a declaration for the import/export of foreign currency have been reduced from USD 15,000 or its equivalent to:

Residents aged 18 years or older USD10,000
Residents under 18 years USD 3,500

Visitors aged 18 years or older USD 5,000
Visitors under 18 years USD1,500

The amount to be exported cannot exceed the amount declared on arrival.
(Courtesy Banco Nacional de Angola) 26NOV16


Canada: Bank of Canada released the short list of the five finalists who could be features on the banknote to be issued in 2018. The short list includes Viola Desmond, who fought racial discrimination in Nova Scotia, Pauline Johnson, a poet who was the daughter of a Mohawk chief and an English woman, and Elsie MacGill, the first woman in Canada to receive a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in aeronautical engineering. (Courtesy Financial Post) 26NOV16


South Sudan: Kornelio Korlom, Governor of the Bank of South Sudan, has declared that the rumors about new notes of the incoming issue of notes of 200; 500 and 1000 South Sudanese are false. (Courtesy Eye Radio) 26NOV16


Venezuela: According to newspaper reports the new notes of 500 bolívares fuertes will be issued on December 15; while the denominations of 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 10,000 and 20,000 will be released in January 2017. (Courtesy Sumarium) 22NOV16


Nicaragua: The Banco Central de Nicaragua will issue two new notes of 1,000 córdobas. On December 1, 2016 it will release a note commemorative of the Centennial
of the death of poet Rubén Darío. It will be of a limited issue. In January 2, 2017 it will put in circulation a regular note of the Serie 2015. Both notes are printer on cotton paper substrate, measuring 161 x 67 mm. (Courtesy Nuevaya and Cleophas Schockem) 22NOV16


Myanmar: It has been reported that there are plans to issue a new family of notes with the portrait of Bogyoke Aung San, the statesman considered to be the "Father of the Nation." However it seems that this is not going to happen soon.
(Courtesy Coconut Yangon) 22NOV16


Norway: Norges Bank has made public the designs of its new notes.
(Courtesy Norges Bank and Cleophas Schockem) 22NOV16


Guinea-Conakry: The older notes of 5,000 francs dated 2006 to 2012 will cease to be legal tender as of 31 December 2016. However, a fair amount is still found in circulation. These will be redeemable afterwards at the Cenral Bank.
(Courtesy Guinee News)


Venezuela: The Banco Central de Venezuela ordered banks to limit daily cash withdrawals to 10,000 bolívares fuertes (= USD5.26) per day.
(Courtesy Panampost) 18NOV16


Hungary: The National Bank of Hungary will issue improved notes of 2,000 and 5,000 forint in March 2017. Current notes of the same denominations will remain in circulation until end of July 2017. These can be redeemed from August 2017 until end of July 2020 in any commercial bank or post office, and afterwards for twenty years at the National Bank. (Courtesy Szabolcs Online and Cleophas Schockem) 18NOV16


India: Some language experts allege that the Urdu spelling in the new 2,000 rupees notes is wrong, but other say that there is no error. The typeface used is correct, but it may be misunderstood. (Courtesy Hindustan Times) 17NOV16


Colombia: Here are the images of the new banknote of 2,000 pesos to be issued November 29. (Courtesy Bluradio and Cleophas Schokem) 17NOV16


Pakistan: The State Bank of Pakistan has embarked in a campaign to improve the quality of the notes in circulation. The main objective is to make sure that the notes currently in circulation are machine readable, especially for their use at ATM’s. As part of this project the notes of 500; 1,000 and 5,000 rupees will be improved by additional security features. The improved notes are planned for release in mid-2017.
(Courtesy State Bank of Pakistan) 16NOV16


Pakistan: Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar has refuted rumors about the demonetization of the 5,000 rupees notes.Probably these rumors started and were fueled by the Indian sudden withdrawal of their large denomination notes. (Courtesy The News) 16NOV16


Venezuela: There are contradicting reports about the new notes that are said to be released in mid-December. Some sources say that the notes are printed by Crane in the USA, others mention European printers, most likely German. Some reports mention the denominations of 1,000; 2,000 and 5,000 bolívares fuertes, others talk about six denominations, which also include the 500 and 20,000 bolívares fuertes, while still others say that the note of 20,000 bolívares will be issued in 2017. 15NOV16


India: Persons exchanging old 500 and 1,000 rupees notes will be marked with indelible ink, to avoid repeated redemptions. (Courtesy Kashmir Monitor) 15NOV16


Egypt: The Central Bank of Egypt denied rumors about new design for its banknotes. (Courtesy Daily News) 15NOV16


Kazakstan: The National Bank of Kazakstan will issue a 10,000 tenge note honoring President Nursultan Nazarbayeb. The note will be issued on December 1st, coinciding with the National Currency Day. Only 100,000 notes will be issued.
(Courtesy Tengri News and Cleophas Schokem) 15NOV16


Iran: According to an article published today by Financial Tribune of Iran, polymer notes are being considered, and will be issued “whenever the conditions are ready.” (Courtesy Financial Tribune) 14NOV16


Malawi: The Reserve Bank of Malawi will issue in December a new note of 2,000 kwacha. The note shows in the front the portrait of Rev. John Chilembwe, and in the back the Malawi University of Science and Technology at Ndata in Thyolo.
(Courtesy Nyasa Times) 11NOV16


Costa Rica: The Banco Central de Costa Rica will soon issue 5,000 colones notes of the Series B. While the design has not been changed, the security thread is now wide and red. Also the new notes are signed by the new President and General Manager. (Courtesy El Mundo) 11NOV16


Argentina: The Banco Central de la República Argentina will issue the new 1,000 pesos notes in January 2017. (Courtesy Te Leemos las Noticias) 11NOV16


Venezuela: According to news published in today’s newspapers, the Banco Central de Venezuela will issue in December new notes of 500; 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 10,000 and 20,000 bolívares Fuertes. These notes are being printed in Europe, presumably in Germany. For the last couple of years the Central Bank was asking Pres. Maduro to authorize the issue on higher denomination notes. At present the highest circulating note, the 100 bolívares Fuertes, is worth less than 8 U.S. cents. While the designs where not yet made public, it is believed that one of the denominations will have the portrait of Hugo Chávez. (Courtesy El Nacional) 11NOV16


Colombia: The Banco de la República issued its new note of 5,000 pesos on November 9. (Courtesy El Espectador) 11NOV16


India: The exchange of current 500 and 1,000 rupees notes in amounts of 4,000 rupees or less can be done at any bank or post office from November 10 till November 24. Amounts over 4,000 rupees can be exchanged from Nov 25 until the end of the year.

The deposit of old notes into bank and post office accounts can be made until Dec 30 without limit. After that date and until the 31 of March can be made at locations specified by the Reserve Bank of India.

Cash withdrawal from bank or post office accounts is limited to 10,000 rupees per day, with a maximum of 20,000 rupees per week. ATM withdrawals are limited to 2,000 rupees per day until November 18, and 4,000 rupees per day afterwards.

As of November 8 all notes cannot be used for any purchase or payment.
(Courtesy Shibu Paul) 09NOV16


Libya: The notes of 20 and 50 dinars printed in Russia, called the Tobruk dinars, with the uniform size serial numbers, are legal tender throughout Libya, because the two competing Central Banks of the Western and Eastern parts of Libya have so agreed. However these are not accepted in all areas. It is possible that eventually everybody will get the message, and they will be accepted widely.

Notes of Series 6 and 1 dinar notes with Kaddafi’s image are widely used.
(Courtesy Tristan Kolm) 08NOV16


India: The Government of India has demonetized the current notes of 500 and 1000 rupees. These have lost their legal tender status as of today, and will be accepted only for payment of medical services and funerary expenses until November 11. Petrol stations can also take until that date, but must register the identity of customers.

There will be a relatively short period to exchange the old notes at banks, with proper identification.

Holders of these notes may also deposit them in banks and post offices.

New notes of 500 and 2,000 rupees will replace them. The ones of 500 rupees seem to be ready, while the 2,000’s will be issued soon. Bank will be closed tomorrow, and withdrawals will be restricted to small amounts only.

This measure has been taken in order to fight tax evasion, and punish holders of undeclared cash. (Courtesy NDTV and Gabriel A. Leichen) 08NOV16


Macedonia: The National Bank of Macedonia will release banknotes of 200 and 2,000 dinara on December 15. At the same time it will retire from circulation the notes of 5,000 dinara, which remain exchangeable at commercial banks until 28 February 2016. Afterwards they are only redeemable at the National Bank.
(Courtesy Independent) 06NOV16


Haiti: The Polymer note of 10 gourdes is already in ciculation.
(Courtesy Pieter Liem, Canada Currency Centre)


Gibraltar: The stock of polymer 100 pounds notes Commemorative of the Centennial of Sir Joshua Hassan is due to arrive in Gibraltar before the end of the month. It is expected that the notes will be released to circulation in December.
(Courtesy Government of Gibraltar)


Seychelles: the Central Bank of Seychelles has announced that it will issue in December a new family of notes. (Courtesy Central Bank of Seychelles and Gabriel A. Leichen) 03NOV16


Georgia: The new notes of 100 lari have been released today to circulation.
(Courtesy 01NOV16


Zimbabwe: The Bond Notes soon to be issued have been declared legal tender by a Presidential Order. The move has been considered to be unconstitutional by analysts. (Courtesy Mail Guardian Africa) 01NOV16


Zimbabwe: According to newspaper reports the issue of "bond" notes in denominations of 2 and 5 dollars is to happen in a few weeks, with the 10 and 20 dollar ones to follow later. 31OCT16


Taiwan: The amount of local currency that can be imported or exported without requiring declaration has been increased to TWD100,000. (Courtesy Taiwan Customs and Paul-Henri Longuet) 30OCT16


Colombia: The Banco de la República announced that it will issue the new 5000 pesos note on November 9.
(Courtesy El Colombiano, Cleophas Schockem and Alejandro Brill)


Argentina: The Banco Central de la República Argentina has released to circulation today the new note of 200 pesos. The note is slightly different than the "concept" note made public a few months ago. Courtesy Banco Central de la Argentina, Cleophas Schockem, and Eduardo Colantonio) 26OCT16


Venezuela: According to newspaper reports, the Banco Central de Venezuela has ordered the minting of 1,000 bolívares coins and the printing of notes of 5,000; 10,000 and 20,000 bolívares, due to arrive before the end of the year. (Courtesy ACN) 26OCT16


India: It has been reported that the Reserve Bank of India will soon issue notes of 2000 rupees, which are already printed. (Courtesy IB Times) 22OCT16


Thailand: The Governor of Bank of Thailand declared that the banknotes with the portrait of the late King Bhumibol Aduldayej remain valid.
(Courtesy Star TV)


Canada: The Bank of Canada is considering not putting the image of Prince Charles on its $20 notes when Elizabeth II ceases to be Queen. (Courtesy The Age) 15OCT16


Liberia: Money changers discount the value of the new banknotes by asking a higher USD rate when paid with these. (Courtesy All Africa) 14OCT16


India: The Reserve Bank of India has announced that soon will release to circulation notes of 20 and 50 rupees slightly different from the current ones. The new notes will be printed by offset, and present minute differences in the design.
(Courtesy The Reserve Bank of India) 10OCT16


Seychelles: A 10 rupees note commemorative note of the 40th Independence Anniversary will be released soon. It will be of limited issue.
(Courtesy Claudio Marana) 10OCT16


Argentina: The new note of 200 pesos will be presented in Puerto Madryn on October 26. (Courtesy Cleo Schokem and El Patagonico) 08OCT16


Russia: The poll to choose the motifs for the new 200 and 2,000 rubles notes ended, with Sevastopol and Kazan selected. (Courtesy Latest World News) 07OCT16


Liberia: The Central Bank of Liberia has started issuing the new family of notes yesterday. (Courtesy Front Page Africa) 07OCT16


Zimbabwe: According to rumors published in Zimbabwe, the "bond" notes will not be released until early November. (Courtesy All Africa) 06OCT16


Argentina. Notes of USD 20 and EUR 20 and smaller are being discounted up to 5% in the informal market. Travelers should bring clean notes of the latest series of EUR 50 and 100 or USD 50 and 100 to obtain the best rate. 05OCT16


Nepal: Nepal Rastra Bank has issued yesterday notes with new backs.
(Courtesy Glocal Khabar) 04OCT16


Scotland: Bank of Scotland has issued today a new polymer 5 pounds note.
(Courtesy AOL and Cleophas Schockem) 04OCT16


Guinea Conakry: A new 100 francs note dated 2015 has been recently issued. (Courtesy Fernando Iglesias).30SEP16


Sweden: On October 3 the Sveriges Riksbank will release the new 100 and 500 krona notes. Members of the public are invited to visit the bank between 2 and 7 p.m. when they will be able to obtain these notes as well as the new coins, and visit a special exhibit. (Courtesy Sveriges Riksbank and Dr. Wolfgang Schuster) 30SEP16


Russia: Bank Rossiya is studying the possibility of issuing polymer notes.
(Courtesy Z-News) 30SEP16


Nepal: Nepal Rastra Bank plans to replace the animals on the back of its notes. The denominations of 50 and 100 rupees have already been modified, while the 5, 20 and 1000 rupees will follow. (Courtesy Setopati) 30SEP16


Liberia: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was presented with the new 100 dollars banknote to be issued soon. The NEW NOTES OF 5; 10; 20; 50 and 100 dollars are expected to be released in October. There is no indication of when the 500 dollar notes will be issued. (Courtesy GNN Liberia) 30SEP16


Australia: The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Phil Lowe, has announced today that the $50 will be the third denomination of the next generation of banknotes to be issued. As previously advised, the second denomination – the $10 – is expected to be issued in late 2017. Specific issuance dates for the $10 and $50 banknotes have not yet been announced. However, as previously advised, the Reserve Bank will aim to issue roughly one denomination per year. 30SEP16


The Bahamas: The Central Bank of the Bahamas is updating the design of their currency notes. The new series is called CRISP Evolution, and the first denomination issued yesterday was the 10 dollar note, other denominations will follow as needed.
(Courtesy The Central Bank of the Bahamas & Claudio Marana) 29SEP16


Malaysia: Notes of 50 ringgit with the signature of the new Governor of Bank Negara Malasia Datuk Muhammd Ibrahim will go into circulation tomorrow. The notes are identical to the current ones, except for the signature.
(Courtesy The Malay Mail Online) 28SEP16


Georgia: The new 100 lari notes will be released in November.
(Courtesy Caucasus Business Week) 23SEP16


Argentina: The new 200 pesos banknotes will be issued in late October or early November. 21SEP16


Zimbabwe: Since last week the possession of amounts over USD300 in currency by residents is illegal, subject to penalties and confiscation. This measure has been taken to force the public to deposit the extra cash at their bank accounts. (Private source.) 20SEP16


Zimbabwe: The country's central bank announced that it will start circulation of the "Bond notes" by the end of October. (Courtesy CNN Money) 20SEP16


Tunisia: There have been calls to replace the current banknotes in order to flush out untaxed money and curtail black market operations. However the Banque Centrale de Tunisie has rejected the plan, citing its impracticability. It takes several years between conception of a new issue and its release to circulation, and current regulations cannot force people to open bank accounts, which are necessary to control the flow of cash.
(Courtesy African Manager) 20SEP16


United Kingdom: This is the schedule of release of new polymer notes:

---Bank of England
---10 pounds Jane Austen Summer 2017
---20 pounds JMW Turner 2020

---Clydesdale Bank
---5 pounds Sir William Arrol/Forth bridge 27 September 2016

---Royal Bank of Scotland
---5 pounds Nan Shepherd 27 October 2016
---10 pounds Mary Somerville 2017

---Bank of Scotland
---5Pounds Sir Walter Scott/The Mound 4 October 2016

(Courtesy Gabriel Leichen) 16SEP16


Bolivia: Marcelo Zabalaga, president of the Banco Central de Bolivia, announced that new banknotes honoring Native leaders will be issued in 2018. The denomination of 500 bolivianos will not be issued. (Courtesy Correo del Sur) 14SEP16


Indonesia: President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo announced today that the new banknotes and coins to be issued later this year will have portraits of National Heroes.
The notes will be issued in the name of "Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia,"
"The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia" instead "Bank Indonesia,"
and will have the following portraits:

100,000 rupiah ...Founding fathers Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta
50,000 rupiah .....Former Prime Minister Juanda Kartawidjaja
20,000 rupiah .....First governor of Sulawesi Gerungan Saul Samuel Jacob Ratulangi
10,000 rupiah .....National hero Frans Kaisiepo
5,000 rupiah ...... K.H. Idham
2,000 rupiah .......M.H. Thamrin
1,000 rupiah .......Tjut Meutiah

(Courtesy The Jakarta Post) 14SEP16


England: The Bank of England issued yesterday the new polymer 5 pounds note
honoring Winston Churchill. 14SEP16


Iceland: Islands Bank has ceased to redeem the 50 and 100 krónur notes. While these were already demonetized, as a courtesy the Bank kept accepting them, but now has stopped doing so. 13SEP16


Ukraine: The non-circulating commemorative note honoring Ivan Franko is available now from several dealers. (Courtesy Ebay) 06SEP16


Afghanistan: Local authorities in several provinces are banning the use of Pakistani rupees, or plan to do it soon, with the intention of propping up the value of the afghani, Same thing may be happening with the Iranian rial in provinces bordering Iran.
(Courtesy Heart of Asia) 06SEP16


Russia: Bank Rossiya has announced the 10 designs pre-selected by the public for the new notes of 200 and 2,000 rubles to be issued next year. In a next stage two out of the ten will be selected as definitive motifs for these notes. 06SEP16


Mauritius: Some businesses are refusing to accept the 2,000 rupees banknotes, because there are many forgeries. These banknotes have not been improved with advanced security devices since originally issued in 1999.
(Courtesy AllAfrica) 06SEP16


Australia: The Reserve Bank of Australia has issued today the New Generation 5 dollars note. For the first time it includes tactile marks to help the blind identify it. (Courtesy Reserve Bank of Australia) 01SEP16


Argentina: Damaged current 100 pesos notes are now redeemed on the spot by the Central Bank. The rule that required them to be taken on collection for further inspection seems not to apply any longer. 31AUG16


Somalia: The governor of the Central Bank of Somalia announced that it will need 20 million dollars to pay for the printing of notes 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 10,000 and 20,000 shillings. (Courtesy Al-Shahid) 29AUG16


Belarus: A set of never issued 1993 Belarussian specimen banknotes has appeared in an auction by Stack’s and Bowers. It seems that these were ordered to replace the coupons used at the time, but were never issued because the state symbols haved changed. Apparently the entire printing was delivered to the bank, and eventually destroyed.
(Courtesy Belarus Feed) 29AUG16


Ukraine: The National Bank of Ukraine will issue on September 1st a commemorative banknote honoring the 160th Anniversary of the birth of poet Ivan Franko. One million notes will be issued, of which 20,000 will be sold in a special folder, at the price of UAH30, while the rest will be sold at UAH27 each.
(Courtesy Korrespondent) 26AUG16


Vanuatu: The tender process for the printing of the 500 and 5,000 vatu notes is about to be completed. The notes will probably be released in mid 2017.
(Courtesy Heva Alilee, Reserve Bank of Vanuatu) 25AUG16


Bahrain: The Central Bank of Bahrain announced that improved notes will be issued in September. The new notes will be similar to the current ones. Those of 10 and 20 dinars will have an improved segmented security strip, and all denominations will have the blind recognition marks position changed. Current notes will co-circulate.
(Courtesy DT News) 24AUG16


Eastern Caribbean: The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has improved the security of its notes of 10; 20; 50 and 100 dollars by the addition of a wide segmented security strip. (Courtesy Claudio Marana and Owen Linzmayer) 22AUG16


Tunisia: These are new limits for the import/export of currency by travelers:
Local currency in: TND 100 Out: forbidden.
Foreign currency in or out: Declaration required for amounts exceeding the equivalent of TND 5,000. (Courtesy David Girbau, Rafer Change, Barcelona) 18AUG16

Algeria: These are the new limits for the import/export of currency by travelers:
Local currency in or out: DZD 5,000.
Foreign currency in or out: Declaration required for amounts exceeding the equivalent of EUR 1,000. (Courtesy David Girbau, Rafer Change, Barcelona) 18AUG16

Ecuador: The export of amounts exceeding USD 1,098 or equivalent in other currencies by foreign visitors remaining less than 90 days is tax-free, provided these were declared on arrival. Otherwise there is a “Impuesto de Salida de Divisas” (Currency export tax) of 5%. The limit for minors younger than 18 years is USD366. Failure to pay the tax in punished with a 50% penalty on the amount exceeding the USD 1,098 or USD 366, as applicable. (Courtesy David Girbau, Rafer Change, Barcelona) 18AUG16


Venezuela: Maduro nixed the issue of 2,000 bolivares notes. When technicians from the Banco Central de Venezuela proposed the issue of notes of 200; 500; 1,000 and 2,000 bolivares, it has been reported that he refused to authorize the largest one, probably because it would mean recognizing the disastrous state of the Venezuelan economy. A note of 2000 bolivares would be worth between two or three dollars.
(Courtesy Descifrado) 18AUG16


Venezuela: Some banks are refusing to accept deposits of small denomination notes. It has to be noted that USD1,000 converted at the unofficial rate of exchange into 2 bolivares notes will weigh half ton. (Courtesy Que Pasa) 18AUG16


Egypt: A new 50 pounds banknote dated 2016 has been recently released. It is similar to the current ones, except that it has an "OVI" seal at top right of front.
(Courtesy Thomas Augustsson and Owen W. Linzmayer 17AUG16


The Philippines: The limit for the import and export of Philippine currency has been raised from 10,000 to 50,000 pisos. Courtesy Pieter Liem, Canada Currency Center. 17AUG16


Nigeria: The value of the currency has fallen, with 1,000 naira, the largest note in circulation, being worth less than USD3 at the free market rate. There are calls for either to issue larger notes, or to redenominate at the ratio of 1,000 old naira for a new one. (Courtesy Vanguard) 17AUG16


Albania: The redemption of mutilated banknotes is done by commercial banks which charge a 20% fee. 15AUG16


Colombia: This is a better picture of the new 50000 peso bill to be issued on August 19.
(Courtesy Alejandro Brill) 10AUG16


Colombia: The Banco de la República announced that the new banknote of 50,000 pesos will be issued on August 19.
(Courtesy Pulzo and Cleophas Schockem) 06AUG16


Thailand: The Bank of Thailand has announced that it will release on August 11 a note of 500 baht commemorative of the 7th cycle birthday anniversary or Queen Sirikit. There have been printed 20 million of these notes, which will be available for regular circulation. (Courtesy Thai PBS and Claudio Marana) 01AUG16


Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has issued a statement on July 14 clarifying that all images and information on the release date of the new issue are completely incorrect and baseless, and confirms that there is no plan to issue a SR1,000 banknote. (The actual text is unavailable in English in the SAMA’s webpage.) 01AUG16


The Bahamas: Following rumors of devaluation, the Central Bank of the Bahamas has issued on July 20 a press release denying that there are any reasons for immediate or short time change of the fixed rate of exchange.
(Courtesy The Central Bank of the Bahamas)01AUG16


Liberia: Here is the complete report of the new family of Liberian notes which are to be issued soon.
(Courtesy Fernando Iglesias, Central Bank of Liberia, and Polaris)




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